To the Parent Who's Always Feeling "Trapped" in the Middle

I went into stepfamily life believing I'd have the ability to make everyone happy — my daughter and my new husband.  That was an unrealistic expectation!  The reality is that I found myself trapped in the middle, desperately trying to appease them both…and failing miserably!  If you can relate to this, read this post to discover how to break free from this trap today… 

Tips for Bio & Step Parents: How to Avoid "Milestone Mishaps"

Milestone Moments like the first day of Kindergarten or shopping for the Prom are big moments for kids — and for parents!  And it's hurtful when you miss out on one of those moments.  That's a common challenge when kids are moving between two homes.  Read this article to find out how you can navigate milestones moments without creating conflict or hurt feelings.