001. Welcome | Our Story | Your Challenge

001. Welcome | Our Story | Your Challenge

Welcome to The Blended Family Coaching Show!

We are super excited to jump into this brand new podcast created just for busy blended family couples.

Seeing as this is our very first episode, we've decided to share a little of our back story — just a couple of the challenges and wins we've had over the past 18 years.  You'll probably be able to relate.

We'll tell you what this podcast is all about so that you'll know what to expect in future episodes.

And finally, we'll leave you with a CHALLENGE.  Don't worry, it's not too difficult.  But it will get you thinking.

Thanks for joining us…we're really glad you're here!  If you want to connect with us, just leave a comment below…

Inside this Episode:

  • Our first year and the disappointment of unmet expectations

  • Real struggles with permissive parenting

  • The feeling of going from United to Divided

  • Realizing its okay to be in different places emotionally

  • Several difficult seasons (rapid fire)

  • Several joyful seasons too!

  • Why we're producing this podcast

  • Your CHALLENGE for today…

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002. The 5-Focus Framework that Simplifies Blended Family Life

002. The 5-Focus Framework that Simplifies Blended Family Life