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005. How to Get Over the Hurts and Triggers from Your Past

It's natural for us to view new relationships through the lens of our experiences with previous partners.  Even though we may have left our past behind and we're moving on, sometimes circumstances in our current relationship can remind us of a negative experience from the past.

In this episode, we'll talk about why this can be so challenging and then give you 3 specific action steps you can take to get over those hurts and triggers from your past.

004. Can you overcome your parenting-style differences?

Eventually, step-couples feel stuck because their parenting-styles seem to be so different.  Their differences often lead to conflict — but what if there's more to the story? 

In this episode, we'll explore what parenting-styles really are — and what most couples really mean when they are feeling frustrated that their styles are just too different.  Then we'll offer practical insights and resources that will help you take a next step toward getting united in your parenting.