002. The 5-Focus Framework that Simplifies Blended Family Life

002. The 5-Focus Framework that Simplifies Blended Family Life

"Why does this have to be so complicated?!"

We hear something like this from most of the couples we support.  Heck, we've been known to ask that question in our own stepfamily journey too!

When you sit and think about all that you want to accomplish in your family and then recognize all the obstacles that could keep you from getting there it can feel really overwhelming.

That's why we've developed this 5-Focus Framework.  Understanding your blended family through these 5 focus areas will simplify the complexities and help you create the future you really want — one step at a time.

In this episode we mentioned that you can grab a copy of our 5-Focus Framework Cheat Sheet.  In it, we'll help you think through each of these 5 areas and brainstorm some next steps for you.

Click the link below to grab your copy right away: 

Inside this Episode:

  • Framing your "blended family puzzle" so that you can fit all the pieces together

  • The 5-Focus Framework and what this podcast is all about

  • Focus #1: Relational Bonding

    • Avoiding 'easy wrong turns'

    • Discover healthy ways to connect

  • Focus #2: Understanding Kids' Perspectives

    • Getting into your kids' shoes — their experience is different than yours

    • Kim gets blindsided by her daughter

  • Focus #3: Marriage / Partnership

    • Blended family marriage is different than first family marriage

    • Reordered relationships make the couple bond weak

    • "Stranded" & "Trapped" — we can be polarized as a couple

  • Focus #4: Parenting & Discipline

    • Most step-couples struggle to parent as a united team

    • Complementing vs. Competing Parenting Styles

    • Bio-Parent Roles vs. Step-Parent Roles

  • Focus #5: Co Parenting with an Ex

    • Create more peace through positive influence

    • Why you don't need to OVER focus on your Ex or the other home

    • What if the other home has dramatically different values and/or lifestyle?

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